Caleb Haws

St. John's Center

United Church of Christ

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Caleb Haws has been a member of the St. John’s Center UCC family for the whole of his life; his father, Brad Haws, was the beloved and respected Pastor for more than two decades before his life path led him on to other missions.  Caleb’s face has been a familiar one at this church and the mention of his name is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of anyone you mention it to; he has been an active member within the church throughout his entire adolescent and young adult life and has strived to fulfill the role of a faithful servant.  Caleb is quick to lend a helping hand when asked or provide a solution for any problem he discovers on his own.  When Caleb is not filling one of his many roles at the church, including leader for the Instruction Consistory Ministry Group, he can be found either on the road delivering auto parts to businesses all over Lancaster County and the surrounding areas or buffing up his handyman skills renovating his recently purchased house with the intentions of someday soon actually calling it home.Caleb is a treasured addition to the team and provides the youth with a strong and approachable role model.  He is mature and wise beyond his years, yet still young enough to easily relate and share in the youthful antics of our group.